Glass-On-Glass Syringe: 2ml (300 Qty.)


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The 2ML Glass-on-Glass Syringe is a perfect vessel for holding thick liquids such as distillates, high terpene extracts, full spectrum extracts, and pure terpene solution which are vulnerable to oxidation and contamination from plastics. Heat can be directly applied without risk of introducing contaminants. And the inner walls are frosted glass ensuring that the seal is complete, and no material is left behind as it is dispensed. A capacity of 2ML is a particularly good size for medical users who are budget conscious.



Height: 87mm

Diameter: 15.6mm

Capacity: 2 grams

Material: Glass

Box Quantity: 300

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Weight 19.3599 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 12 in