New Approaches to Cannabis Packaging

Monday, November 4th, 2019

2020 is around the corner, and here at Point 3 Products we’re looking forward to making it our best year yet when it comes to innovation and our continued commitment to the environment. The legal cannabis boom shows no signs of slowing down, and therefore the issue of sustainable packaging is central when discussing the implications of the industry’s waste index.

In our previous blog, we touched on the future of cannabis packaging as we see it. Let’s now look deeper, both at the current state of environmental conservation as it relates to waste (more specifically plastic waste), and new approaches to cannabis packaging designed with Mother Nature in mind.

A Dire Reality

The unfortunate reality we must face today is that our oceans are in a state of crisis following decades of negligence. With illegal dumping, runoff, major oil spills, and many more contributing issues, it seems that the effects are nearly irreversible. And the receipts are certainly there. A recent National Geographic feature explored the reasons for the Arctic having more plastic than any other place on Earth, asserting that not only are plastics borne through water, they’re also now in the air: “…plastics are indeed being eaten by humans. A new study finds that Americans eat and drink up to 52,000 plastic particles a year — which rises to 121,000 when inhaled plastics are added in.”

Although it looks dire, we believe it’s never too late to fight the good fight in saving our environment. Awareness is vital. By working together to come up with sensible solutions to these issues, taking new approaches to cannabis packaging can and will make a huge impact into the international waste index as a whole.

P3P’s Environmental Promise

At Point 3 Products, our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians are always working to better our brand. The focus on constantly searching for new ways to make our products as environmentally-sound as possible started from the very beginning. Knowing that developing a business in the current state of the world (as mentioned above) is a delicate adventure, we strive to be the solution rather than the problem. Hence, we have started to work with bioplastics, and our last batch of Craft Hex boxes was a straw/PP blend:

Straw/PP Blend Packaging

The best thing about our straw/PP blend packaging is that it is made from natural renewable plant fiber. Combining ingredients such as rice husk, wheat, straw, and polymer resin, this new product is a “green” environmentally friendly composite material that is ideal for various sustainable packaging styles. It also works well with different types of injection molding processes.

The bio-based content of the straw/PP blend is more than 40%, as tested by the US BETR lab, ASTM D6866. It is safe and non-toxic, with no Bisphenol A, benzene plasticizer, heavy metals or other harmful substances. The end result is a recyclable, lightweight, durable and smooth-to-the-touch container that is an excellent choice for your cannabis or hemp packaging needs.

Responsible Consumption & Disposal

As you may already know, there are many rules and regulations when it comes to the legal cannabis sphere. Whether at a dispensary, at home, or in the public eye, there are set guidelines you must follow depending on your location. This also extends to the byproducts of your individual consumption and how you should handle them.

Be sure to do your research when it comes to where your support goes. If a brand lacks in environmental tenacity, choose another one. If a dispensary has just a small amount of products made with sustainable materials, try to find one that is more progressively-minded.

And, above all else —- Always recycle!

Stay tuned to the Point 3 Products Blog for more information about the current legal cannabis and hemp industry, the latest research, and our newest products.