About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2017, Point 3 Products was created to serve cannabis and hemp companies with quality packaging fit for the industry. Point 3 Products is a division of a manufacturing and sourcing company which has over a decade of global supply chain experience. With access to a mature vendor network, a team of bilingual engineers, and a team at our facility in China, Point 3 Products can reliably source everything from standard concentrate and cannabis storage containers to custom dispensary packaging.

What Makes Us Unique

From design to delivery, Point 3 Products is involved in each step of the sourcing process. With skilled bilingual engineers and 24/7 communication with China, we are able to eliminate language barriers and time zone challenges. In addition to streamlining the sourcing process, Point 3 Products offers forecasting and warehousing solutions to simplify inventory management.

What We Do

At Point 3 Products we understand that cannabis is not just a business, it is a labor of passion. Whether it’s standard or custom packaging, we ensure our customers are presented within the cannabis industry and provide solutions to showcase their products. Trusted relationships with strategic partners here and abroad allow us to offer comprehensive packaging solutions including marketing, paperboard and labeling.

Why Point 3

0.3% TCH is the current legal dividing line between what constitutes hemp versus cannabis. By supplying packaging to the cannabis and hemp industry, Point 3 Products represents the convergence of the two industries. We are also currently working towards using hemp based plastic in our packaging.